Spanking Court is Now Part of MegaSpankings!


We are very excited to inform you that Spanking Court is now a part of!  If you are a current member or thinking of signing up you may be wondering “what does this mean?”.

First, is still an active site for current members – for now.  All past content through February 2013 is available for viewing for the next couple of months.

Next, let us tell you what is. is a new site with more to offer!  ALL past and upcoming Spanking Court videos are on  In addition to Spanking Court, also has 4 additional subsites for Sternwood Academy (schoolgirl spankings), Spanking Ms Cali (real life domestic discipline), Adventures in Spanking (cosplay, role play, outdoor spankings), and Reflections in Discipline (a talk show with interviews from your favorite spanking models, tops, professional disciplinarians, and real life individuals and couples).  It’s 5 websites under one roof, for one price!

Current Members have access to the original Spanking Court site as well as for  We gave all current members access using the same login information to for one month.  Members will not be billed again for even if you signed up for reoccuring billing and can sign up to if they choose once their free access expires.

For those who are not current members of either site and are considering to sign up, please go to for access to, Sternwood Academy, Spanking Ms Cali, Adventures in Spanking, and Reflections in Discipline.

Now, you may be wondering why we have merged all of our websites into one.  There are a few reasons for this.  One of them being that several members had signed up to both Spanking Ms Cali and Spanking Court – we didn’t want these loyal individuals to pay for two seperate websites.  Additionally, Sternwood Academy has only been released on DVD and some scenes on downloadable clips stores; and many people had shown interest in seeing a website for Sternwood Academy.  Reflections in Discipline had only been used as a mentoring tool in private capacity thus far and we thought that our website members would also enjoy and learn from these interviews.  There are some other logistical reasons behind merging the sites but we won’t bore you with those details.

In a nutshell, has a lot to offer!  Your favorite websites, scenarios, implements, positions, themes, and roles all in one.  We sincerely hope you enjoy!

* While we don’t anticipate any difficulties for current members, but if you do have any difficulty with logging in (to either site) or billing please contact us at “contact” “@” “” for assistance.

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